Our Sundays on the road

We love to go to church on Sundays even when traveling. In fact we love meeting new people and really look forward to the possibility of fellowship with other Christians as well as the opportunity to worship God. We sometimes go back for a quiet afternoon but more often than not we tend to spend the afternoon doing some local sightseeing.


Since we are of a Reformed Church background, we decided to attend the new Riverside Church in Riverside. Launceston. We had trouble finding it as we had left the GPS in the motorhome and the map fro the tourist information centre didn’t have their street on it either since it was in a new division that was only 2 months old. Still we found it eventually and were only minutes late.

Hospitality matters

After church service we stopped for fellowship and met up with some lovely people who made us feel very welcome, especially Mike and Cathy. There was a BBQ being held after church, not only did they introduce themselves and a few other members, they invited us to stay and shortly went home and gathered some food for the four of us. Now that’s what I call true hospitality. It was this sort of hospitality that introduced me to Christ and Christianity back in my early twenties. I will always thank God for Nikke and her parents for accepting me into their family all those years ago.

Grindelward Swiss Village Resort


After the lovely church service & fellowship in Riverside and with the encouragement & recommendation of Aunty Elizabeth & our friend Jeff we went for the short drive to Grindelward which is designed and inspired from Swiss architecture. There are little boutique shops there to browse and lovely gardens.

We enjoyed browsing through the shops and I even tried on several dresses but sadly came away without purchasing any. We did enjoy coffee and cake outside bakery there.

There is a picturesque park with lake to walk around, however since we rolled up later in the day, we decided not to take a stroll.We decided to head back to rest and relax in our Robbiebago motorhome.

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