Free camping at Gum Bend Lake

Gum Bend Lake is just 4km out from Condolbolin, Central West NSW. It is quite a shallow man made lake.

The jetty at Gum Bend Lake

Though it is still a free camp, we are  now being asked to voluntary contribute to the upkeep of Gum Bend Lake by a suggested price of $10 to be placed in donation boxes at a couple of places around the BBQ areas. I think the $10 is excellent value considering the excellent amenities including hot showers, multiple picnic areas around the lake with BBQs on the eastern side of the lake etc.
We are encouraged to complete a feedback form as well as provide receipts to indicate how much is being spent in the local community.

The place is surrounded by birds all day long especially Corellas in their hundreds.

It is here that I meet up with a friend, Carol whom I knew from my paper crafting days and we live just 10 or 15km from each other when we are both home. It was here also that we caught up with Dawn & Spencer again, enjoying many happy hours together watching the fabulous sunsets over the lake.

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