Free camping at Carcoar Dam

When we made mention of going to Carcoar Dam and such whilst waiting for the Bathurst Rally, we were advised to stay at Carcoar Dam. We were going to do our usual, which is stay 3 or 4 nights here and there around the area. But with 900+ RVs descending upon Bathurst and many more hanging around like us in the region, we were told it would be harder and harder to find a good spot.

Carcoar Dam at about 10% capacity

The Highway Wanderers

When we rolled into Carcoar looking for a site we noticed a whole group of RVs a little separated from the rest. Out of this group came Horror (Derek) who chased us around the camp and invited to join their group for the duration. Jo & Derek whom we met when they stayed at our place during an MSO earlier in the year. The group RVs are just a part of the Highway Wanderers, a chapter of nomads from the CMCA. Most were going onto the Bathurst rally too.

The Carcoar countryside

The hills and the countryside around Carcoar Dam are rather dry as is the rest of the country but even so it is a beautiful rolling countryside. There is a 15 blade wind farm up on the hills not far from us (The campsite is actually next door to the viewing & information platform.)

The water level of the dam is very, very low, at less than 10%, partly also due to the mining industry using precious water let alone the dry weather.

Most of the trees in sight of our campsite are the indigenous gum trees and the like. However being late Autumn the deciduous trees are glorious as they change into their autumn colours giving us precious gems of gold, burnish copper and deep dark rubies.

Autumn colours in Blayney

The weather up to now has been perfectly lovely: cool at nights with wonderfully warm sunny days. However once the clouds come over or the sun goes down, you really notice the difference in temperature. It can also be rather windy at times which is half the reason why there is a wind farm nearby.

Happy Hours

The Highway Wanderers have their Happy Hours starting early at 3 because of the cooler nights and a lovely community fire going towards the end for the hardy souls that like to hang around to chat even further.

The Happy Hours here are very different to what we’ve experienced so far: With so many people they make up a gigantic ring of chairs and each evening seems to have a slightly different slant. With so many members there is bound to be some great talents among them.

We have some bush poets, singers, & musicians to entertain us. Some nights the microphone is passed around for people to share their stories or jokes (some are rather risqué). There has been a demonstration game of disc bowls and ladder golf. One generous lady even made a slice for everyone to share. Yum. One night a communal BBQ was organized and for a teeny tiny price we all had a steak sandwich with salads.

Beauty can be found all around us esp at sunrise and sunset.



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