Getting bogged

On our way to Bogan Weir just 7km from Peak Hill, we missed the turn off and decided to pull over to the shoulder in preparation to make a U turn. However as soon as we left the hard top, the soft clay soil took over and the bus wheels kept on sliding further and further over and down into a shallow depression. We were not only well and truly bogged, we were tilted at a crazy angle and we could not get ourselves out of the ditch without outside help.

Thankfully that was not long in coming as a local council worker was shortly driving past on his way to knocking off for the day. He told us that the area had 2.5 inches of rain a few days before and though the ground looked OK it was just under the surface.

Our helpful buddy tried to summon up a tractor to not avail but with repeated calls he was able to summon up a truck who came.

Within 45 minutes we were pulled out much to the amusement of the local council workers who came to look and offer assistance. It is easy to grin and take it on the chin once the drama has ended and the bus did not tip over as was feared.

So we now know never to pull over on soft shoulder. We are all safe thanks to the wonderful country helpfulness of the local folk, council workers, etc.

With the wisdom of hindsight we now know that one should never venture on to the soft shoulder especially with a bus/motorhome. Still it is the first time we have ever gotten bogged and hopefully it will be the last.


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    1. We were fortunate, on many levels God was looking out for us! We didn't topple, we didn't damage anything, we were injured, people rocked up to help. etc I love to see the great Aussie spirit at work!


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