Parkes Observatory

One shouldn't ever go past Parkes without visiting the Parkes Observatory. It is free to visitors and so very interesting.

I loved the photographic gallery inside. There are some amazing photos of night skies and phenomena in the gallery.  This universe is just amazing.

I was fascinated to learn about the information on the moon, and particularly about the role that Parkes played in the world event of the first manned moon landing.

I also enjoyed the movie 'The Dish' when it came out years ago and I was fascinated with comparing the facts and the few liberties that the script writers added to get a story across.

Allow at least 90 minutes to visit here. It is so worth it. The telescope was continually turning the whole time we were there.

We couldn't leave without having a go at the whispering discs either! Rob went to one disc and I stood at the other one and we spoke sweet nothings to each other. It was corny but great fun. Aww Sweet, I know! LOL Sadly we didn't think to get a photo of one to show you.


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