Japanese Gardens at Cowra

It has been 20 or so years since we last visited the beautiful lush gardens and cascading streams of Cowra Japanese Gardens.

Cowra Japanese Garden was designed by Ken Nakajima as a strolling garden. It is near the POW camp where Japanese Prisoners of War and other internees were kept during the Second World War. From this awkward beginning, Cowra now has strong cultural and friendship links with Japan, and this beautiful garden is an on going expression of this.

However before we venture outside, there's is a wonderful  display area where one can see war lord helmets, swords, magnificent pottery, kimonos etc.


Model of the Torii Gate

There are 5 hectares of garden, but the most intensive planting is around the purpose built pond and then many cascading waterfalls on the rocky hillside. As Rob is not capable of managing lots of hilly walking we hired a buggy to get us around.

Most plants are trimmed and shaped, only a few plants are left to grow into their natural shapes. This creates a lot of visual interests on many levels. It is definitely a high maintenance garden and one that the vast majority of us could only enjoy by walking through it rather than having such a garden in our own place. Still I loved the way the plants which are ones we see commonly in our own gardens have been carefully sculptured almost to the point of not being able to recognize them.

One view from the top
Stone sculpture that commemorate the days of the week

Every where you look is a scenic picture waiting to be captured.

It was well worth the return visit.


  1. Thanks for your photos - one does not have to leave Australia to see such great sights and scenery - keep travelling and writing - I will try visiting more often.

    1. that's true Neil, but you know as well as I do, that seeing it for yourself is a totally different experience!


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