Free camping at Wingadee

This is not such a great spot that I would normally write about it as a camp site. It does have a toilet, some rubbish bins and some picnic tables with a roof. My main reason for posting is that I just had to show you some lovely photos of the sunset and one of the moon and some of its craters.

 I don't used filters or such as I wouldn't know how. I just use a point and click Canon camera - sometimes I am lucky and others - well... lets say my computer rubbish bin needs emptying frequently. ;)

It had been raining for a couple of days right across the country prior to our arrival, which was absolutely great as the land needed it so bad. As we all know that clouds really enhance any sunset and sunrise.

In this one the trees look like they are on fire!
This is the first time I had ever tried to take a photo of the moon. (I think our recent visit to the Parkes Observatory had inspired me to at least try!) I don't think I have seen the craters on the moon without a telescope before!!! It might not win prizes but I am tickled pink with it!

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