Wilmott and the trail of letterboxes

Wilmot has a rather unusual attraction that is in its early stages and that is a trail of letterboxes (or mailboxes for my international friends). There are still some 20 or so unique letterboxes to see and hopefully many more to come.

A Dalek letterbox for Dr Who fans

These letterboxes are mostly created from recycled materials. I hope the citizens continue to get behind this novel attraction and create a sense of community as well as possibly generate income from the increased traffic through their town as people get word of this attraction.

Anyone want some milk from this cow letterbox?

As we said in the previous post on our walk around Cradle Mountain, we returned to Sheffield from Cradle Mountain this way but you can also access the road from Forth to Wilmot and drive on to Moina, where you'll see another attraction which we will leave to another day as we had run out of steam and needed to get home before we fall asleep behind the wheel. (Just a slight exaggeration!)

Ned Kelly letterbox

So make sure you slow down and notice the letterboxes.  Along side the road, you wont even have to hop out of your car! You will see all sorts of representation from Dr Who, The Beatles, various animals including a Tasmanian Tiger, metal flowers, and much more. I reckon they should have competitions every year or two!

A replica motorbike letterbox

Happy travels until the next time

Michelle & Rob

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