Free camping at Hellyer Gorge

A couple of days quiet free camping at Hellyer Gorge with no side trips and what nots was just what I needed. I love having some time out ie days doing nothing more than grabbing a book or craft, a short quiet stroll in the bus and a game of cards at night with my hubby.

One view of Hellyer River
It was overcast most of the time we were here, with patches of rain now and then. By the end of two days here our motorhome batteries were sorely in need of some decent sunshine to recharge the lithium batteries, but I am getting ahead of myself here.

Waratah Waterfalls right in the middle of town
We did stop at Waratah to see the waterfalls right in the middle of town and they were great, but since it was raining quite heavy we didn't do anything else there nor did we spend much looking at the falls. On we go to Hellyer Gorge.

It was a tough road for the Robbiebago going up hill and down dale let alone the twisting, winding road. Rob was quite exhausted at the end of the drive from the tension.

Second view of Hellyer River

Hellyer Gorge is on the Murchison Highway from Wynyard and Waratah in north west Tasmania and just a hop, skip and jump south of Somerset and Burnie. It is a steep road with many sharp bends and you are driving through some spectacular scenery.

How nice that they make the walking tracks so easy in Hellyer Gorge

First off you have a marvelous canopy of rainforest surrounding you and above you. Every now and then you get a glimpse of granite mountains through the canopy of trees. The gorge itself is a magical place and the rainforest is full of tall myrtle beech, encrusted with mosses and fungi.

Giving you an idea of the size of the Myrtle Trees in Hellyer Gorge

The Hellyer River passes through and the whole area is quite picturesque and there are some short easy bush-walking tracks that have been created so that tourists such as ourselves can see the magical forest up close and personal. One is centred around the gently flowing river (though it is a white water rive at other locations) and the other is through the primitive myrtle forest where you don't need much imagination to see a land reminiscent of Lord of the Rings etc.

Colourful Fungi

Water clings to the wispy leaves

As to the free camping spot itself, there are flushing toilets and a covered picnic area. There's enough bitumen parking area for several RV's and grassy area for tents. Across the road there is more camping area amongst the trees and you can get your feet on to the grass if that suits you better.

Hellyer Gorge Picnic Area (not our photo - sadly ours was lost somehow)

Happy travels until the next time

Michelle & Rob


  1. Glad to see you are still enjoying the wonders of nature and all its beauty.
    Wish there were more free campgrounds over on this side of the pond.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I thought there were lots of boondocking places in USA - are they not free?


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