Sheffield - a town of Murals

Sheffield just 30km south from Devonport is our first stop after staying with friends near Devonport. This delightful town is known as the Town of Murals. Sheffield was inspired by Chemainus, a small Canadian town who had a success story with murals amid hopes of reviving their town in a similar manner.

The success of the Outdoor Art Gallery has been truly inspirational. There are more than 50 murals painted around town, with murals displaying various aspects including local history including one of a long serving doctor, local aboriginal and colonial history. Others depict the Tasmanian devils, turtles and other creatures. There's scenic ones including Cradle Mountains.

You'll see huge murals almost everywhere you drive in town especially on various buildings within the main street.

The first mural went on a building in 1986. Now there is an International Mural Fest competition held annually at Easter. The artists depict their interpretation of some aspect of Tasmanian life, culture and people as their inspiration point. The 9 finalist murals remain on display at a dedicated location called Mural Park, next to the Information Centre for approximately 12 months until the next competition. I am not sure what happens to the murals or exactly who the owners are. I also noted there is some sort of fundraising but I neglected to find out more about these two points. If you know, I'd love to know so please let me know via the comments at the end of this post.

The quality are nothing short of brilliant. One good thing about it being an annual mural competition is that you won't end up with a town full of fading murals, and each time you visit, you are likely to see murals you didn't see before.

Rob & I enjoyed the leisurely stroll through the town as we took many photos of the murals. We also popped into a few of the other stores too and the motel where there were even more murals. I was particularly taken with the marble store and the marvelous mosaic marbles out the front and playing with marbles inside the shop.

As with Doo Town and other such towns, there is also not just a monetary benefit from being a tourist attraction, but there is a noticeable civic pride in the town the locals band together to create something unique.

 These last two are for our grandchildren.
Opa is trying to catch the goose and then shook hands with Old MacDonald!

Well done citizens of Sheffield.
You've shown that art does pay in more ways than one!

Happy travels until the next time

Michelle & Rob

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