Historical Vintage Machinery Rally

The first time we stayed at Westbury was that it was convenient to Carrick and the Vintage Rally that Rob was keen to go to there.
8 horse power tractor

tracks instead of wheels
one of first wide wheels tractors ever made

Rob was invited to attend the Historical Vintage Machinery Annual Rally to be held at Carrick. Rob took off for a day 'with the boys'.

steam type shovel

old style concrete mixer
A "Beverly Hillbilly" type truck

Of course woman are welcomed but I am one of those women that just do not understand one end of a engine from another. What we saw at the 'back' of the Penny Farthing Festival was lovely and as much of the vintage engine display as I could possibly be interested in. So I had a day to pamper myself and Rob took himself off to enjoy himself with like minded guys.

6 ton tractor ?
steam powered boat

steam powered merry go round

There's not much information I can give you since I didn't go (nor would I understand if I did, but hopefully you will enjoy the photos.

portable shearing machine
old bulldozer

unique steam tractor

Rob saw the first design of  and hammer drill. Ha ha ha

A bit of comedy: a hammer drill

They even made sure to consider the ladies with this cute pink machine.

It is very similar to the Steam Fest that was going to be held a week later.


  1. I recall attending many of types of antique farming machines with my father. He also related a few stories of tragedies when safety wasn't applied.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Sadly accidents occurred then just as they do today. Just about a fortnight ago I recall an accident where the husband was found dead under his tractor when it rolled on an slope.

  2. I just shared the picture of the hammer drill with the males in the room and they are still chuckling.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!


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