You know it's really going to be extremely twisty drive when your map shows lots of twists and turns in the road. We have come to the conclusion that Tasmania just doesn't have many straight roads. Rob even goes as far as to say that there are more curves on Tasmania's roads than on a dozen women!

Huge steel sign for Queenstown

We drove down on the Saturday to have a look around and to find out what church services we could could go to on Sunday. We walked up and down the town centre and did a little grocery shopping. We had a nice afternoon break with a pie and sausage roll at a bakery in the town for our afternoon tea before heading back to Burbury Lake.

The view over Queenstown

Empire Hotel

Queenstown, is almost a ghost town and as such it seemed like a sad community. The mining industry has collapsed though there is hope that the mine will reopen later this year and this will help regenerate not only an income but add a more purposeful and positive note that will hopefully flow through the town. We were told that most people who live there are only there because they work for the mines, so they invest their money in tangible items that they can take with them when they go, instead of maintaining their houses and property. As it is many of the houses look neglected as though people have given up and just can't be bothered. However we did see one die hard footie supporter who made it very obvious that they were Geelong Cats supporters, through and through.

We decided we would see more of Queenstown when we came back up on the Abt Heritage Train. I was keen to see the Queentown Gallery Museum.

Colourful rock to be seen at Iron Blow

A part of the open cut part of Iron Blow Mine

We timed our move to Strahan so that we could stop at Queenstown Anglican Church/Uniting Church on the way. The people there, especially Susan, made us feel very welcomed and she also invited us back for coffee, homemade pikelets and some fellowship after the touching personal testimonial at the service.

Queenstown Railway Station

Happy travels until the next time

Michelle & Rob

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