Penny Farthing Races at Evandale

The Penny Farthing Races in Evandale attract enthusiasts from across Australia and around the world. Accompanying the Penny Farthings races are a country fair and period themed festival. Evandale is just a 15 minute drive from Launceston in the north of Tasmania.

What a fun day we had at the Penny Farthing Races recently held in Evandale. We were camped at a friend's place near Devonport, but we could  have just as easily camped right in Evandale as Joy and Bob did as well as Kerry, recent friends made on the road.

We also met up with others we saw on the road including Mike and Molly who are here from New Zealand working on MMM projects as well whom we met at the Hobart job.

Biking memorabilia

Penny farthings are making a comeback. Maybe it has to do with nostalgia though most of us are far too young to have ridden these as kids, but there is a certain charm and skill needed to ride what looks like an ungainly bike. Goodness me, I can hardly ride a regular bike with out crashing into a stationary item let alone race one.

Period costume

The whole village seems set on giving us a day of fun and nostalgia as there were many people dressed in period costume which all added to the ambiance of the day too.

Goofing off with a statue

There was also a village fair held at the same time with musicians, food, crafts stalls as well as other goodies, marching, dances including the Maypole dancing which I haven't seen since primary school days. There was even a vintage machinery section and vintage cars on display too.

Gee I winder if Rob would even fit inside a vintage car???

All in all it was a fun filled day

Happy travels until the next time

Michelle & Rob

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