The Wall - a must see

This is a place you really must see if you are anywhere near Derwent Bridge or Lake St Clare in Tasmania. It is called simply 'The Wall' but there is nothing simple about the place or more specifically the art this one guy has created.

This place is the inspiration of a wood artist, Greg Duncan, who has the most extraordinary gift working with wood. He is able to make wood come alive in ways you just can't possibly believe.  Understandably, but sadly he has strict controls on the copyright of his art and NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed, in fact you have to leave your camera at the entrance when you pay the small entry fee of $12. So all I can do is photograph the image on the brochure that he has just to give you the tiniest hint of the splendour you will see.

A photo of his brochure is the closest I can get you to see what wonders are in store for you

The Wall is actually a group of panels that measure 100 metres. The panels are something around 5 metres high and depict images of the history of Tasmania. The artist reckons he will be finished within 2 years. Seeing what he has done within the past 10 years, I can't see how he can be finished within 2 years, but as one other traveller mentioned, it seems important to the artist that visitors can see the various stages of the construction and that he will most likely leave some parts in the various stages deliberately so we will still be able see this.

We were both amazed at how much detail the artist is able to achieve; even to the veins on a cow's udder, the texture of cloth, leather, animal skin etc

I can't emphasize just how amazing his artwork truly is. As amazing as "The Wall" is, I personally prefer the 3D work he has around the huge foyer. He has a coat & scarf carved from wood that just looks so real, a canvas bag that just needs refilling with water, and that leather glove... oh my gosh, I just had to touch it, it was too real to believe it was wood.

Happy travels until the next time

Michelle & Rob

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