Tahune Air Walk

The Tahune Air Walk is a wonderful way to see the uniqueness of the wet southern forests.

Tahune Airwalk hangs out over the Picton River

Our day trip here from Geeveston started with a short walk when we stopped first at the Look In Lookout. We had our picnic lunch in the picnic shelter here with birds waiting to eat the crumbs we left behind. One poor black ... was being swooped by the much smaller birds though mostly he was ignoring his smaller cousins. The walk was a gentle stroll allowed you see some lichen covered trees and rocks and listen to the trickle of water rushing over some rocks nearby. There is machinery left behind from the logging days. It was a pleasant walk but no big shakes.

A steam engine left behind in the bush at the Look In Lookout.

Then we drove further down the road to the carpark for the Air Walk. At lunchtime, the car parks were full and we parked in the overflow area. We paid our tickets ($27 per person) and away we went. There are mountain bike trails, hang gliding (though it is more controlled like the old style flying fox with a gliding canopy above you!), a cafe and lots of lovely picnic areas. Do not think you need to have your picnic right near the cafe which most people do, there are picnic tables and such scattered further afield. One area I thought would have been lovely is just over the first bridge overlooking the Huon River.

Fun with a hole in a tree
We headed off on the first walk to the Air Walk. We meandered along the tracks were though you are going uphill a fair bit, it is mostly gentle with a few short group of steps. There are also a few seats along the way to stop and rest and take in the forest around you. The size of some of the trees are simply amazing. As a short aside, the largest flowering plant in the world is the Eucalyptus Regnans. It can attain heights of close to 100m making it one of the tallest tree species in the world and the tallest flowering plant and you are surrounded by them in this forest. The tallest one in the world is just under 100metres tall and was found just about 5km away though you can’t walk to it as there is a protected eagle nest close by and so it is closed to the public for protection of this nest.
Part of the view from the end of the Air Walk
It doesn’t take long and you are starting on the Air Walk which takes you through the amazing forest canopy. Every now and then there are signs pointing out a species and the relevance of that species. I can also detect the scent of the white flowering sassafras that are scattered all through the forest.

Lovely scented sassafras flowers on trees along the walk

Finally you get to the end or the overhang part of the AirWalk which you a wonderful view of the convergence of 2 rivers, the Huon River and the slightly smaller Picton River.

Don't think that you have finished here. You can also go for an additional walk over 2 swinging bridges which are great fun. You can be as sedate as you like walking across the swinging bridges or you can have some spine tingling fun as I like to do and jump and swing deliberately. Yeah I know - I haven't quite grown up yet! One bridge goes over the Picton River and the other goes over the Huon River.

One of 2 swinging bridges that are available at the air walk.
A short walk takes you to the actual junction of the 2 rivers

Even though the car park is full and there are a lot of people obviously visiting the park, and having lunch at the cafe or picnics near the cafe, it never once felt crowded on the walks for which I am thankful.


  1. Just from your description I can Feel and smell the aromas of the forest all around as you toured the Tahune area.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is true there is a delicious aroma around rainforests. I was doubly blessed that day as a previous operation near my nose has temporarily reduced my scenting capacity - it comes and goes and obviously it was 'working' on that day! Same as today I am sitting outside a beach and I can smell and enjoy the scent of the seaweed.

  2. We've been curious about the Tahune Air Walk for a while. Thanks for a wonderfully descriptive blog.

    1. The whole of Tasmania is wonderful. The Airwalk is a wonderful way to get a bird's eye view of the rainforests and the junction of two rivers. I had hoped to see more bird life but I guess we scare them off.


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