Free Camping at Bethune Park

Our next stop is just outside Ouse and Hamilton since were heading towards the west coast, specifically towards Queenstown and Strahan before going north.I just love that we are not in any hurry to get around this magnificent Australian island.

The Robbiebago on the way to Ouse

Though I loved it at Mt Field National Park. No matter how much we loved it, there were many other places in Tasmania that we had yet to see and fall in love with too.

Looking over the lower level and across the lake. We're the 2nd RV from the left.

Bethune Free Camp is just over the river from Ouse, in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. You get to have some views of Lake Meadowbank from just about anywhere on this park. The marshy ground make direct access to the water impossible, however it is only a hop and skip to the river and boat ramp alongside the nearby bridge. There are two levels at the park. The top has the better views, the flushing toilets and it is much drier. The lower level has the covered picnic area, it is more protected from wind and road traffic noises, but it does have the draw back of being damper in the centre and definitely a bog hole in wet weather. It was dry and we decided to camp on the lower level for 3 nights and loved it.

Looking back to the camp from the lake

Our experiences within a place can vastly affect our appreciation of a place. If we have a bad experience, then we might not like a place so much. Well here we had a fabulous time due to the people we met here.

Looking across Lake Meadowbank

Our wonderful experience centred around the people we met here. First off was a local Tasmanian who was taking some time out with his missus and their 4 dogs. They were 'adopting' a German camper who was trialling her tent for the first time and was lacking a bit of confidence (and some equipment). Then there was a gent taking a week off from lecturing at uni by camping and fishing. One truly should never judge a book by its cover. This second gent was in ratty torn clothes, had a grey ponytail and smoked a pipe. Being rather deaf, I lip read and thus tend to notice people's teeth and I saw that this guy had some some missing front teeth. Yet as I got to know him, I was blown away by his kindly nature.  A  lesson to myself too as he is a professor! (Never, ever judge people, especially by appearances - full stop!!!) There were also other casual visitors that stopped overnight, mostly were friendly too.

Happy Hour

Happy Hours are nearly always great but they sure go from great to fabulous if someone has a guitar.  In fact we had two gents this evening that could play and sing for us.

The singing professor - 'tis a pity you can't hear his wonderful voice.

Happy travels until the next time

Michelle & Rob

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