Camping at Ida Bay

Ida Bay is the last campground still on bitumen road going south in south Tasmania. The road continues but is is dirt road of dubious grading. It is suitable for cars and one could take a small motorhome or such but you need to travel slowly as there are quite a bit of corrugations, pot holes and such on the road further south.

Ida Bay has a large grassy area next to the Historic Railway line and Cafe which is available for self contained RV including several large rigs at a low price of $10. You can pay a little extra for toilet, showers and laundry facilities. There are even a few hut type of cabins but we haven't seen the interiors and can not comment on them. The area is not quite level but nothing a levelling block or 2 can't fix. Certainly at $10 per night per rig it is not bad and you can safely leave your caravan or motorhome here for the drive to Cockle Bay or other places.
There’ s also a 44gallon drum for incinerator type fires on the block. No evidence of camp fires though I imagine above ground camp fire would be acceptable during the appropriate fire ratings. We didn’t attempt a fire in the short time we were there and didn’t think to ask. Sorry.

The train is Australia’s oldest 2 foot gauge. It is the last operating bush “tramway” in Tasmania and it runs 4 times a day and takes you on a 14km run through beautiful bushland to Southport Bay and cost $28 per person. You can hop off at the end and go for a walk or picnic on the beach, whatever and then catch a later train back.

Ida Bay is a very handy location to visit Cockle Creek and Hastings Cave. I met one family who were staying in one of the cabins. They were here to go caving as there are a lot of caves to explore in the area, so if that is your thing, go for it!

There are other camp grounds especially further south however as I said above, the roads between Ida Bay & Cockle Bay is gutted by pot holes.

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