Salamanca Markets, Hobart

Yippee!! A day off and first stop, well almost - I just had to pop past a chemist on the way. We arrived at the Salamanca Markets and were blessed with finding a parking spot really close  straight away. Once you've paid your parking and can set yourself towards the markets, you immediately feel alive. That vibe that sets a great market off within the hearts of people if you know what I mean.

The waterside area is bustling with people of all ages and colour. The sun is out, it is warm and everyone is out for a good time and the hunt for a great bargain or that something unique! Oh and don't forget the food! Yes! The smell of the sausages was killing me even though it was far too early. I must say I was tempted by the huge variety and I have to take a bite, especially when there are quite a few stalls offering taste samples of their yummy goodies. There were stalls that offer espresso coffee, kebabs, Asian dishes, my trusty potato spuds with a variety of toppings, milk shakes, home made ice cream, pancakes, homemade fudge & many others. If you want something a little less casual then don't forget that there are cafes & restaurants lining the sidewalks and nearby streets.

I love the little cones of fresh cherries on offer.

The number of stalls was huge offering all sorts of goodies, many of them hand made from platypus quilted toys, wooden dolls, papercrafts, soaps & scents, apparels, plants and flowers, honey, wines, fruits and vegetables and so much more. It was great to see so many Tassie-made products, many with a unique flavour or take on a concept.

Some amazing creativity was on view at many, many stalls
Well, I must say that I didn’t have anywhere near enough time to experience all the stalls since we also wanted to reach the top of Mt Wellington while Tassie's rare sun was out! I certainly hope I can make a return trip here and take in even more of the creativity and vibrant atmosphere here!

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