Free camping at Geeveston

There's two choices for free camping at Geeveston and more in neighbouring areas. We stayed at the Ex-servicemen’s Club on the southern side of the town which has kindly opened the Memorial Park next door to free camping. The area is almost level and is suitable for any self contained RV including several large rigs. There are 2 toilets at the back of the club for use. There is also a rotunda for use in the grounds. Patronage of the club is the accepted ‘fee’. We had a basic but reasonable dinner at the club on Friday night. (By the way, if a club is not your cup of tea there is also an excellent free camp on the other side of the town too which is great!)
Free camping at Geeveston Ex Services

The campground also runs along the banks of a small river in which there are resident platypuses which can be seen though they are shy creatures. Apparently there are also trout in the river too.

There's a river that runs alongside the camp ground that has platypus in it.

The grounds are within walking distance to the town centre and includes a IGA, butcher, bakery, laundromat, cafes, etc. There is a great Information Centre with a lovely collection of old wood working tools including peddle lathes etc in the gallery upstairs.

Make sure to visit the Southern Design Centre which features marvelous timber furniture and other woodwork. I was taken with the handmade dance and gym costumes and other handcraft there including alpaca woolen items. There is also a cafe which also sells homemade yummy goodies too.

Southern Design Centre has so much more than just wood crafts too!

You will notice as you walk around the town that there are life size timber carvings of prominent and interesting characters through the town centre and a few elsewhere. Most come with a brass inscription describing the persons depicted as well as information about their personalities which makes these people come alive. I wish I could have known some of these characters such as the swearing pharmacist who was known not only for his colourful language but also for the helpful assistance he gave to the people in his town.

The swearing Chemist is one of many sculptures in town

Geeveston is less than a hour south of Hobart and a great spot to base yourself for a few days. You are within easy drives to places such as the Tahune Air Walk, Hastings Cave & The Hot Springs, let alone such places and wineries, cafes, museums, craft shops, galleries and beaches etc.

Hastings Cave
Swinging Bridge is something else to see and walk at Tahune Air Walk

Geeveston is a definitely clean and friendly community. We found we were made to feel very welcome at every level. We also had a lovely time of worship and fellowship at the local community church just across the road on Sunday morning.

Tahune Air Walk

In fact the whole Huon Valley is beautiful with its lush pastureland and wooded areas, hills and rivers, what more could you ask for? Did I hear you say the beach, well that's easily fixed too as there are beaches within half an hour drive east going either south or north of the town!

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