Surat and the Cobb & Co Museum

Just over the Balonne River less than a kilometre from Surat is a free camp spot right on the river and surrounds that is the local fishing and restocking spot for the river. Though there are no showers here, there are showers just in town if you have need of them. We arrived just on lunch time and quickly settle in and made some toasted sandwiches (to use up the days old bread).

 three happy jack birds
After lunch we decided to take the easy walk into town over the river and have a wander around. We walked past some old shop fronts imaging that this was a butcher and that was the baker maybe. It wouldn’t be an Australia town if there weren’t a pub in it somewhere. And then across the road there is a Cobb & Co Museum. What a delightful and very interesting museum it was. Surat was the last place the Cobb & Co ran from and they have a lot of memorabilia including a full size replica of the Cobb and Co wagon of the era and the characters of the town over the early years. It makes for interesting reading and occupies a pleasant hour or so browsing around and looking and all the exhibits.

We stopped by the local general store cum cafe and had a quiet time eating an ice cream and watching the local population and traffic pass by.

We had a fire going by the Robbiebago with another BBQ dinner, this time chicken schnitzel was on the menu. Afterwards one of the other caravaners joined us for a fireside cuppa and chat.

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  1. Emjoying your blogs. I thought your happy jack birds looked a lot like apostle birds and sure enough when I checked it out, it turns out both names are for the same birds.Never been to St George nor Surat, buth I've got planes.


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