Burren Junction Hot Pool

We thought we would take the more direct road from the Warrumbungles to our next destination which was Burren Junction and the hot pool there. The roads are a combination of bitumen roads and dirt roads. The first bit wasn’t too bad but after Coonamble, where we stopped for lunch, the road was covered in very fine bull dust which seeps into everything, overlaying bumpy corrugations.

We arrived at the mineral hot pool (refer to Camps 6: 396) around 5.30pm. Basically the campground is divided into 2 sections. We parked near the entry on one side and soon settled into the pool for a bit of relaxation.

I am guessing the water was about 36 degrees, a decent ‘bath temperature’. It was warmer than I expected and I certainly wouldn’t want it any hotter. The pool is fed by the Great Artesian Basin which underlies a bit more than 20% of Australia. I find it amazing that, parts of it comes up hot and in other parts it comes up relatively cold as in Roxby Downs in SA.

It is not a pretty place but it is a very popular place, with many people staying weeks, some even planning on spending 6 months there. The nearby town is very supportive of this free camp and even encourage visitors with the upkeep of the pool area and they also provide some entertainment such as Bingo nights. The pool area is flood lit and it is not uncommon to see people in the pool at just about any time of the night! Many locals and truck drivers stop by to loosen their muscles and stresses at the end of the day. Still the campground or the pool was never crowded whilst we were there. We quickly met and chatted to people in the pool and on the way to & fro as all on one side had to pass us to get to & from the pools.

The sunsets out here in the bush are spectacular as are the stars gleaming in the night skies. There are just so many more stars to see out bush. We decided to stay a second night and had a decent sleep in and more swims the following day.

We are both too young to even contemplate hanging around any such a place with very little to do especially as we are fortunate enough not to need the therapeutic advantages such a hot springs gives. So on we go...where-ever the road leads next... generally further north and west too!


  1. Bull dust!? How's that different to regular dust?
    I hope you enjoyed he hot springs. I am currently in Radium Hot Springs (town) but left my swimmers some 600km away and so, don't think I'll be actually enjoying the hot springs here (though, I can apparently hire some swimmers... Will see)

  2. Bull dust, I think is unique to Australia. It is extremely fine powdery dust that can be very deceptive as it can mask some horrible conditions of the road underneath. It rises high in the air and is like driving through a dust storm if you are following or even passing a vehicle especially when thrown up by the big road trains.

  3. Enjoying your blog Michelle! When you get to Nth Qld there are hot springs at Talaroo station worth a visit I think it is a free camp Its on the Normanton Road to Mt Surprise east of Georgetown.

    1. Oh I missed this one. Well I will just have to come back to Qld in the future. We can't see everything in one trip.
      Thanks for reading this blog

  4. I think getting off the beaten track is the way to go, even if you have to cop a some unsealed roads. I know a lot about bull dust. It's just as Michelle says...a powdery dust like talcum powder that masks road surface imperfections including pot holes. I think I would be old enough to hang around a thermal pool for a few days longer than you did.

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