Nindigully: Queensland oldest pub

This iconic pub was our next destination. (refer to Camps 6: 824) It is situated on the banks of the Moonie River. It offers ‘free’ camping for the cost of a beer at happy hour which is only $2.50 anyway. Hot showers, water and toilets are all available too for free. For those who do not have a caravan or motor home , they have lovely rooms available too! There is a terrific kids play park alongside the pub too for those travelling with their family.

Riverside camping is available and looks lovely, but we needed full sun for the solar panels. We were glad we camped ‘up top’ as it sprinkled overnight and the black mud is so sticky, you get bogged just walking around.

You can photos of various periods of the pub’s history including last year’s flood which came right to the top of the verandah’s floorboards (I am guessing that is about 5 m high from the river.)
At happy hour we had the opportunity to meet some other campers including Tom and Bet and a character called John Silver. John and Bob had some interesting conversations especially around the topic of making your own bio diesel, which Bob is interested to look into some more when we finally get back home.

All in all it was great place to stay for a few days. If you fish there’s plenty of fish in the waters too! The river is quite brown due silt from the recent flooding.

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  1. Enjoying reading what you have to say and looking at your photos. Yoy have a nice writing style Michelle. I am keeping a note of the free camps you like best.


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