St George

There were no free camp grounds near St George and the Pelican Caravan Park was recommended to us a few times, as well as we hoped to find recent made friends, Bet & Tom still in residence at the park (which they were!). So we went unpowered and selected a nice sunny spot to get the maximum charge for our solar panels. It was fortunate that we were just metres away from Tom & Bet and we were soon made welcomed. Green grass was lovely though you still had to take care not to walk on the odd Kahki grass prickles which has been a real curse since as early as Mendooran, in NSW. They are worse than our Bindii! Urrgh!

The flood waters went over the top of this weir at St George
We unhitched and settled in for a little bit and then went into town for some groceries and a quick look around. We found the most delightful little shop tucked in the back of the sport good shop that has a magnificent display of Illuminated Emu Eggs. I have loved carved Emu eggs since my step brother introduced them to me some 30 odd years ago and have never seen any as good as the first few. These are not the same but totally different and just as fascinating. The old Greek fella that does the carving is more than willing to show you his eggs and give you a history to go with it. You truly get a lot for the $3 dollars entry fee and what’s more the old fella will give you your money back if you are not impressed. You can’t fail to be impressed. There are something like 150 eggs there. Nearly all of them are illuminated from within which brings forth the different shades according to the layers carved.

these are just 2 of the amazing illuminated emu eggs

We went for a drive, saw the river side park and the war memorial (It is Anzac Day tomorrow) and then moved down to the nearby weir and took photos of the birds as well as the weir. This weir & bridge was totally under water during the floods late last year. It is just amazing to see just how far up the water came.

One of the peregrine falcons at Beardmore Dam

We were lazy and it was too cold to make the effort to get up pre dawn for the Anzac Dawn Service. However we went for a drive later on to the Beardmore Dam. It is a nice enough park area and we go to see some lovely birds including a couple of peregrine falcons. However it is a huge disappointment that you can’t actually see the water or the top of the weir from the picnic areas. You couldn’t even walk to the dam itself.

Amazing afterglow after a sunset at St George

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  1. I am enjoying your blog. The emu eggs sound fascinating. Tell Bob we will miss him at the Manna House 10 year anniversary on Thursday. God bless, Lindy


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