Neil Turner Weir, Mitchell

We left Surat and arrived in Roma around noon. We decided on a bit of grocery shopping and lunch in town before driving further to the free camp at the delightful Neil Turner Weir.

One of the many water birds at the weir
This weir is unique in its design of being several levels of concrete with ‘blocks’. First purpose is to create a mini dam and then the use of the different levels to break the force of the resumed river flow downstream. It is an ideal place for birdwatching, with many varieties sighted. (Sorry! I left my bird identification book behind)

The unique cascading levels of the Neil Turner Weir

A closeup of the blocks on the weir

It was so nice and quiet here that we decided to stop here for a couple of days and go to a church, which we noticed back in Mitchell, even though their services is at 8.30am before moving on.

Down from the weir

Yet another beautiful end to a fabulous day


  1. The trip looks great to date. Can't read your blogs regularly, they're too darned frustrating! Go on having a great time anyway - like the photos. Richard

    1. Thank you Richard for looking at our travel blog. We miss you and Julie. I am expanding it and making some changes so do come back and let me know what you think of the changes and suggest others that you think would be beneficial. I value your input.

  2. What an amazing sunset!!!
    missing you both

  3. One last word about Apostlebirds/Happy Jacks. They are called Apostlebirds because they are said to gather together in flocks of 12 (actually more like 6 to 20),but they are grouped in tight flocks that belong together. The Happy Jack name comes from their grating/angry sounding calls. Not sure what's happy about that though.You'll like Longreach, plenty to see and do.

  4. Beautiful sunset. I am enjoying following your trip. Lindy


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