Getting ready for another trip

Well it is time to the Robbiebago out of moth balls again and head off. We have been home basically for a year and with the exception of a 2 week break in January to visit the Country Music Festival in Tamworth, we have been home based.

If we don't get cracking soon, we might get mouldy. It is great to have our roots firmly planted in our home town of Wollongong, to see family and be surrounded by our church family and friends. Our youngest grand daughter, Ezzy who was born in October last year was introduced to her extended family at Christmas.

Ezzy with her dad and sister
Now it is only 3 sleeps to go before we embark on our next adventure. (It was just 3 more sleeps at the time of writing but it got lost in cyberspace somehow, hence the delay in posting it up). This time around we aim to take 6 months and head north via western Queensland with Cape York Peninsula being our end destination. We haven't been to either areas previously.  Yippee! .... well it will be once we are on the road....all  this cleaning up the van, shopping & packing the pantry and fridge, cleaning the house etc is quite a bit more of a chore than I would like it to be.

out of choas comes some sort of organization
... eventually!

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