After leaving Frederickton, we wanted to reach a certain pub further north but in the end we ended up hitting a huge traffic jam just south of South Grafton.
There was a huge traffic delay due to a major car accident which had occurred many hours earlier in the day. We had to wait over 90 minutes. Apparently the traffic backed up some 25km.

In the end we decided to find the nearest free camp which was in South Grafton. We couldn't find anything and asked at the local petrol station for directions, She didn't know of one but there is a block on the northern side of the station where some people stop. We were told NOT to use the truck stop on the southern side.

I don't think it is worthy a stop over normally but we didn't want to travel any further that day. We were the first to stop there, but we were soon joined by 3 other RVs though everyone kept to themselves.

We can't recommend it as a stop over as it is very noisy obviously with the trucks pulling in and out of the station all night plus the busy highway right next door. However the chips were very nice and crisp that we bought at the all night diner to go with our dinner that night!

Sorry guys but no photos this time.

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  1. It is strange how some stops just don't have the Solitude that others do.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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