My recipe organiser

I have had been looking for a while for an efficient way to organise all my tried and true recipes as well as those found in magazines, recipe books an online.

After trying a few, I love using Paprika Recipe Manager (available for Android, iPad & iPhone) It is not free but at just $7.99 I believe it is an excellent way to organize my personal digital recipe is book. Paprika's built in web browser lets you easily search the internet for your favorite recipes and save recipes from many different websites. You can also clip found recipes and save it into your own Paprika file.

My Dutch Pea Soup
I have my own family recipes that have been handed down over the years. I also have a huge pile of recipes that I have collected from various magazines or ear marked in various recipe books, let alone the ones I see on the Internet.

With Paprika, it is simple. The new recipes I find online are so simple to save. It is done for me, no typing other than to delegate what catergories  I want them to have. The older recipes, I can manually type them in and edit these or any of your save recipes in-app. I love the ability to make my own tweaks & adjustments to recipes collected, including those collected off the internet.
Once you've loaded in recipes, you can organize them into various categories of your own choosing, even if you wanted one called Grandma's Recipes.

A screen shot of my own recipe files

There are so many features I love. You can tap on an ingredient after adding it to cross it off the list so no more forgotten ingredients. You can tap on a step in the directions to highlight it. Cook times are automatically highlighted with built-in timers that are easy to adjust if needed. There is even a simple conversion calculator that can be quickly accessed when you are in a recipe. And one of my favorite and most-used features is the automatic recipe scaling, which makes quick work of even awkward calculations like 2/3 or 1/6.I love how the app also detects cooking times, providing built-in timers that you can trigger with a tap as you cook. You can even scale ingredients based on your desired serving size, which is great as many recipes are for families and now there's just my hubby and myself most of the time.

Actually you have an electronic timer built in - I'm just showing off a clock my hubby made!

Some other features I haven't gotten around to using yet (and may never) include a grocery list, meal planners, a pantry log and more are among the many features of this excellent cooking app.

I use Paprika at least 4-5 times a week, and consider it an indispensable tool in my kitchen, both at home and on the road in my motorhome. I still haven't copied all my own recipes into but bit by bit I do. I certainly have been trying out a new recipe almost weekly that I have collected and thus my cooking has improved greatly as well as it has broadened & tantalised my tastes.

My Massaman Prawn and Pumpkin Soup
Food presentation is not my forte and thus has a low profile for me but with the saving of recipe photos, my presentation skills have improved too which is nice when having friends over for dinner.

My pride and joy: the wedding cake I made for my daughter

About the only thing I wish it could do is allow me to search by ingredient. Maybe it will come in a future update! 

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