Free camping at Frederickton Golf Club

On our way north, we decided to call into an Auny's place in Port Macquarie, since we've had very little contact over the years. She invited us to come for lunch which we happily did. It was the first time I had the opportunity to really get to talk to her husband, Chris and start to get to know him too.

A time of reminiscing and finding commonalities ensued and a very pleasant afternoon was enjoyed. My uncle, her brother was able to join us for a short time too!

All too soon it was time to move on, though we weren't going far. Just inland from Port Macquarie a little golf club was offering free camping in their large grassy carpark.

It is a good level park with lots of room for large rigs. It is a sharp right turn into the gate. We found it easier to take the towed car off the motorhome, though Rob reckons we could have done it. (We'd already taken the car off just beforehand as we went too far and needed to turn around.)

The club was happy to accomodate us. We returned the favour happily by buying some drinks and a pub meal later on. Prices were quite reasonable with a beer and ginger beer $9 and wedges with dressings $12.

The next morning was Sunday and we were blessed to find that there was a church right next door to the club, The Christian New Life Centre. What a wonderfully friendly church it was. For such a small community, it was a delight to see a wide cross section of ages and a decent number of people. Some of the people live in Port Macquarie and love this church community so much that they are willing to make the weekly trek.

Though we were thinking of staying 2 nights, we decided to leave as the weather was turning and we believed the grounds would become very boggy and we didn't want to take the risk.

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