The foothills of the Glasshouse Mountains

Our first main stay in Queensland this trip was at Beerburrum which is partway between The fabulous Glass House Mountains and Caboulture, just inland from the famed Sunshine Coast.

We are not actually free camping though there is no cost involved, we are really staying at a MSO. We covered what an MSO is here.

The place where we are staying belongs to a fellow member of the CMCA and they have kindly opened their property at various times for fellow CMCA members. We first stayed here at year ago and were warmly welcomed then by Barry and Marlene, just as we are now. We also met up with 3 other campers here, 2 which were here the same time last year and it was great to catch up with them. I even jokingly asked if they had loved it so much that they stayed here the whole 12 months! LOL

All these people also mean great happy hours. Barry, Marlene, Patricia, Rod, Vickie, Rod, Debbie and.... Oh darn, I was going good at remembering names. Blast, one name got away from me.

Whilst here, Rob had time to install his newly purchased Dash Cam and to check out Trackr which we have adhered to my cochlear, in case we lose it. He also had to get under the bus to tighten the bolt on the front axle. You know, general maintenance is always an ongoing thing doubly especially when you have an old bus.

It would have been lovely to stay here longer but 3 night was all we could afford as we had a date in Monto to keep.

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  1. Hi Rob
    Just wondering where you got your gearbox chain from and what it cost?
    Is it still performing well?
    I have a 86 mk126f wanted to get spare chain just in case
    Brett Dunk


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