Why do I love travelling in an RV

One of the best things about travelling in an RV of any sort is meeting many, many people from all walks of life. This is doubly true about free camping or boon docking. There just seems to be something about free camping that make people open up more and tell you their stories, about the places they have been, what’s good and maybe what is not so good in their opinion interspersed with all of the wonderful memories they have lived through, thrown in between. Free camping seems to equalize us all and develop a sort of camaraderie even for if it is just one night!

Camping at Merle in Kakadu National Park

Australia has it all. We have some of the most beautiful, awe inspiring and certainly unforgettable marvels the world has to offer.

Sandon Point Boat Sheds           Photo: Chilby Photography
Magnificent sunrises in the east and sunsets in the west, the whitest beaches with fantastic surf or quiet meandering creeks and billabongs.

Mollymook Beach at sunrise    Photo: Chilby Photography

We have craggy mountains and rolling hills, escarpments and waterfalls, broad sweeping tree less deserts and tropical jungles. The temperature can be meek and temperate, hot and sultry or freeze your butt off cold.

Misty forests near Robertson, NSW             Photo: Chilby Photography
You can soak in hot springs, explore snow caverns or sit under the shade of a welcome coolabah tree.
We have some of the world’s most unique animals that can be found nowhere else in the world outside of zoos, such as the emu, kangaroo and the platypus.

Emu just walking by at Curtain Springs
The most fantastic part is that we can see it all in our very own recreational vehicle ensuring we have all the things we need at our finger tips for a fabulous holiday or lifestyle that is the envy of everyone not already on the road living this lifestyle!

This is our tow vehicle and caravan (American tend to call them trailers)

You can buy these magnificent scenic photos and other magnificent Australian scenic photos as prints from Chilby Photography. I am not earning any income from this recommendation - it is purely that I admire Brad's work and want to share it with you.

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