Magnificent Mulberries

We all know the Kid's song "Here we go around the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush". But they have it all wrong. It is not a bush at all but a lovely large spreading shade tree.

Our Mulberry tree is giving us a second magnificent crop this year.

We are fortunately to have one in our backyards. We complete with the birds who also love the fruits, but there is plenty for all of us! They are best eaten fresh off the tree, though obviously they are great brought inside and used in foods such as some yummy pies and other such desserts.

One of the simplest is the parfait. Just mix some smashed berries in with the yoghurt, plain Greek, vanilla or strawberry yoghurt works wonderfully. Alternate layers of yoghurt, berries and a dab or 2 of ice cream and you have a fantastic looking & tasting dessert. If you want to be real fancy toast a few slices of almonds or hazelnuts and sprinkle on top.

 Try also mixing some mulberries with some other berries in your parfait. As I said this dessert is so simple, no baking at all is required and it is just perfect for desserts on your RV camping road trip.

Mulberries work well in your trifle or sweetbreads as well as various pies. That will be a future project! Yum.

What is your favourite fruit and how do you like to serve it up for something special?

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