An e-reader is a traveller's best friend

Reading is one of life's greatest pleasures. Books can take you many different worlds within the comfort of your chair. Written words can entertain and educate you.

My Sony E Reader

As with just about everything in our lives, technology has introduced us to a new way of reading. An e-reader, or electronic reader, is a device that stores reading materials for easy and convenient reading. Generally they are the size of a single thin hardcover book. Most e-readers are now equipped with a wireless Internet function that enables you to download materials straight from the web to the e reader. Users can download books, newspapers, journals and other many other documents.

This is fabulous news for us travellers whether we hit the road in a RV, fly or whatever. Obviously there are space limitations RV's and luggage which can reduce the number of books you can take with you.

Here are some more benefits of an e -reader:

  • An e-reader is compact, light and portable. Depending on the memory capacity of your e-reader, you can store maybe a thousand books, articles, newspapers etc in one small but powerful device.
  • E-books are cheaper to purchase. You can easily find eBook versions costing maybe $3.50 (and occasionally free), while a paperback version may cost $10 and a hardcover version may cost anywhere above $20.
  • E-books can also be downloaded from your public library as a loan thus making it even cheaper again. You just gotta love your public library.
  • E-reader is a great help to the visually impaired. An E-reader has the capability to enlarge the font size as well as a zoom feature which will make it easier for anyone to access the books or to zoom into photos etc for better clarity of tiny details.
A Kindle e reader

So what is there to stop you from finding a nice reading nook or even hammock and losing yourself in a lovely e-book.

Happy reading!

What’s your favourite style of reading material?
Personally my escapes are historical fiction or a craft magazine.

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