My time - a time to indulge myself!

I love some time to myself and I guess that is a big part of why I love being retired and the ability to travel around in our own recreational vehicle is a huge bonus.

Sunrise at Saunders Beach
I used to be the typical stay at home mum raising 4 kids, volunteering at their school, private bus driver for after school activities, and occasional web site developer, business book-keeper and receptionist let alone housekeeper and cook. Don't get me wrong, I loved that stage of my life too!
Then when the kids were older, I joined my husband in the family business until we closed it last year! Yippee! That we were unable to sell the business is not good, but the freedom is absolutely wonderful.
This freedom gave us the opportunity to do lots of travelling around Australia in our caravan trailer.

I might go out in my garden - here is the first flowering of my grass tree

Now we are home we are converting a bus into a motorhome. That’s my hubby’s hobby while he gets used to being retired and having lots of time on his hands. It helps ease him into retirement, though he is doing some volunteer work twice weekly as well.

Don't interrupt me when I have a book in my hands!

This morning the sun was well and truly up before me and that is not only OK, it is positively wonderful just once in a while. I have no contest with the sun. The world will continue on its merry way with or without me just as it should.
Most mornings I am up with the birds in that pre dawn time. I generally treasure this time. I always have, even when the kids were little. I just wanted to wake up naturally, not be woken up by kids, commitment or anything else.

Sometimes you have to be up very early to see some of the birds

The household is so very quiet and it is “MY TIME”. I love to watch the sun come up and if it is not too cold (or too many mozzies), I might spend extra time in bible study & devotion outside even. I just find it easier to worship God outside when I can see the evidence of His hands in the mountains, the sky and the sea.

And some mornings, I just might not want to get up at all!

I might decide to get out in the garden once I believe the early morning mozzies are gone or I might spend a couple of hours on the computer and/or internet! I can use this time to be transported to distant lands or time in a fiction book. It doesn’t matter really what I do with it. It is MY TIME to do whatever I feel like doing! That’s the beauty of it – I can do whatever I want to as long as I don’t make too much noise and wake anyone else – which would defeat the purpose and it would no longer be MY TIME.

I might spend the time doing some craft- these are paper flowers I made
Just remind yourself that you need to recharge your own batteries from time to time too! 

 Do you have some time for yourself even if you have to 'steal' it from somewhere?

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