A shopping we will go

When Rob had to drive to Castlehill to deliver some water tanks, he knew the best way to bribe me to accompany him, was to dangle the opportunity to visit (and shop) at Ikea on the way home.

I know it is corny and silly, but on the day we had decided to go to Ikea to check out various storage items, I couldn’t seem to stop singing in my head..."A shopping we will go" to the kid's nursery rhyme "A hunting we will go!"
If you knew me, you would also know that generally I don't like shopping. (Yeah I know - 'Tis a rare woman who doesn't like shopping!).

Ever since attending the Illawarra Caravan and Camping Show, I have been trawling the internet and local shops for various ideas and items I would love to implement into the bus. Obviously not everything is available here in Australia, nor would everything fit let alone be practical, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the trawling.

I have collected so many ideas like the images above. Some ideas Rob would be able to make, others we will have to fork out the money for. Then there is the aesthetic things that just go to make a place look nicer. Now we are very conscious that this is only a temporary home. We do not need or want to spend a lot of money on it. So somethings like the captain's chairs and the lounge are not going to be matching. Though I would like to think that I can get them to co-ordinate and be the basis of my colour co-ordinating efforts. Now interior decorating style is not my strong point, but with the aid of the internet, being inspired by what others have done and the ever resourceful Pinterest.

So after a leisurley lunch at Ikea's cafeteria and 3 hours shopping, we rewarded ourselves with a coffee whilst we went over the many ideas that we had garnered from our extensive walk through Ikea. I have a wish list of about a dozen items!

Below are  just some of the ideas I want to seriously consider. We are going to get the sink, (without the tap hole). You can also buy a bowl, a strainer and a cutting board to fit in or over the sinks. I think I want all three! They also have the plate holders in two sizes, yay! I did see the magnetic spice containers though I doubt that they would hold firm whilst the bus jiggles over the road - so maybe I will leave that off the shopping list. Rob noticed a shoe cabinet that he thinks would work very well as a drop down cabinet above the bed! Isn't he ingenious to think of that! (My photo didn't turn out for that, nor could I find it in the catalogue.). He likes the hinges in some of the cabinets, but we can't buy them separately! Boo hoo! We liked some of the drawer handles, but without a catch that would hold whilst driving, they are not practical.

The sink that we will buy.

Plate holders are an excellent idea

Plastic waste bin, could double up for many things.

So when we check out the measurements and such, I will be making the trip back and buying the bits and pieces we decide upon. Some things such as the wall hanging magazine rack (not shown) and waste bin will most likely be put off until we have actually finished the cupboards and such so we know just what wall space is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing to be used!

What are some of the additions to your RV that make your trips so much more pleasurable?


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed Ikea I like to stop there when we are coming home from Sheena"s of a morning !doesn't happen often!

  2. Yes I did. I also gathered a lot of ideas to adapt for the bus conversion. I will be going back to get some of the stuff on my shortlist. I also bought some stuff for my home use too!


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