Bus Conversion – Removing the rear window in prep for the slide outs

We are moving ahead again. Rob and our son, Dean joined forces yet again, this time to help remove the back window panel. We are going to put a slide-out in the back to move the queen size bed out when we can, but the bed is still accessible if the slide-out is left closed.

Rob used the back of the ute as a scaffold platform for ease working at a height. Once he had done whatever preparation required such as loosening the windows from the seals, they quickly removed the 2 parts of the window and then peeled of the old rubber seal which was in rather poor condition.

The passenger side glass panel was already cracked in several places but came away in one piece. The driver’s side panel is not cracked at all and also came away in one piece. The window itself is in poor shape however it was exposed and was speckled with lots of weld spots which are impossible to remove. Rob knew he had no further use for the window and didn’t bother covering it up and protecting it. There’s no point trying to list this window for sale as no-one would want a spotty window! !

Next step is for Rob to strengthen the hole in preparation for the slide outs. For the first time (this is our 3rd time making an RV with slide outs) Rob will be buying the mechanism. It has to come in from America. Though we have been told it will take 10 weeks, we have no confidence it will be here then as the manufacturing company has been difficult to deal with. I think an individual all the way on the other side of the planet is bread crumbs to them and they really can’t be bothered with keeping this customer happy! Rob will be making the ‘cubicles’. However there is little point in do that until the mechanisms arrive.

 In the meantime, he has covered over the hole for protection against the weather.

Now the hard part is to sit back and wait! It is tough being reliant on others. It is a pity that very few businesses try to honour their commitments. Sure things occur to alter the time frames occasionally, but I would think that a quick email to avail us of the difficulty would be polite! And that goes for any business, whether it be a repairman coming to fix something or a delivery. It just seems that communication is too much hassle and 'it's on it's way... eventually' is good enough. Gee and I thought with world wide communications available in just about every household via the internet and telephone etc, that it would be easy to keep the customer upto date.

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