Bus Conversion – Beavering away

Well anyway, The Plan had us doing other things by now. We haven’t done much on the bus as we are mired in the muck of waiting for deliveries that never happen when promised. What is it about today’s tradesmen and suppliers. Can’t they honour their word. Sure SOMETIMES things happen that delay them, but surely a phone, text or email wouldn’t go astray.

Just a reminder of the bus as it was when we first brought it home

In the meantime, Rob is keeping busy rather than sitting on his butt twiddling his thumbs. There has been some obvious rust areas to take care of, however there has also been some hidden rust that doesn't show itself until we open up something. This is a slow and rather boring aspect of bus conversion but a necessary part of the whole deal. I guess this is going to be done in bites so as not to get too discouraged as well as to help intersperse the pain and boredom with some of the more pleasant jobs.

Fashioning a new gutter over the driver's window

He is an artist. It is amazing to watch him slowly re-fashioning the old to fit a new purpose and marrying new parts to the old. This shot shows the amazing job he did of refashioning a side panel into a door panel after lowering the floor in antcipation of the slideouts when they arrive and are installed.

Refashioned bin doors

As we go along we are also discovering hidden spots that we can utilise as storage. One can never have too much storage whether it be water storage or cupboard space and everything in between. At one stage I even considered doing without a kitchen window so that I could utilise the area for kitchen cupboards! Shocking aren’t I?

Rear view of the bus at present

So... We may not be moving real fast... but Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Hoo Roo & keep safe

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