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Blog changes
I have decided to extend the blog to cover the happenings of a crafty traveller who has just entered retirement, covering caravan travel, life, and the crafty bits & pieces I come up with.  Even though I have been blogging off and on about our trips in the Robbiebago around various parts of Australia, my life is more than just travelling and so with some encouragement from fellow travellers and family I am making some changes. The need to reinvent ourselves only stops when when we stop living! Hopefully you will come and share the journey with me.

Happy Hour is always friendly everywhere
Life is precious
I was diagnosed and successfully operated on for breast cancer earlier this year and as such I have a fresh appreciation of how precious life is. I want to live life and enjoy time with my family and friends. None of us know just how long we are going to live. I want to grab life with both hands and run with it where God leads. If it is only for a short time, then so be it and if it is for a decade or 3 then fantastic. Life can be fabulous even amongst the daily grind if only we look for the beauty in it. As the saying goes “Take time to smell the roses”

Stop once in a while and look around

So come enjoy life with me
So come on this journey with me and see where life leads. Who knows, maybe we will meet up somewhere in the great outdoors. Come share a happy hour or 2 with us and swap craft notes, recipes, good camp spots or whatever.

Follow your passion: in my case it is crafts

I aim to post at least twice a week.
I have introduced the concept of a launch page where you will see excerpts of the blog and then you decide if you want to read more by clicking the appropiate post.
Make use of tools like Blog Loving so that you can keep up with all your favourite blogs.
This will make it faster for you and you will not miss out anything.
There's a quick link on the top right. I am working on some improvements such as making commenting easier without the need to register.
Let me know what you think of these changes.

By the way: Did you know that the Robbiebago is the name we have given to the caravan or recreational vehicle (RV) that my darl built for us. 

Do you have any other suggestions?

I want to thank these sites that helped teach me how to blog Christian Personal Finance, David Scocco's Daily Blog Tips, Freckled Nest

May we travel down the road together.

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