Free Camping at Dululu, Weruma Dam & Claude Warton Weir and Ban Ban Springs

Although the campsites between Rockhampton and Bundaberg were not that far apart from each other, we were keen to see them and try our hand at catching some Red claw (freshwater) lobster.

Camped at Dululu
On the way we stopped to attend the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Rockhampton, which had an excellent sermon on Love – take the charitable look on life. We will always have a gap between our expectations and reality no matter which earthly relationship we look at. We need to make a conscious decision to trust and choose the positive aspect. One can never say in a few words all that is said in a well presented sermon. Apparently they live stream their services and a decent archive section here so you can listen to it anytime. We’ll get online in future when we can’t make it to a church!

A sculpture at Monto
After fueling up and restocking the fridge, we move on through Mt Morgan’s mining town onto Dululu (pronounced Do Loo Loo!) The campsite is OK but we don’t think it warrants a tick as given by the Camps Australia people. It was here that we made good friends with Vic and Barb who come from outside of Toowoomba whom we have been invited to stop by when we get that far south.

Camping by Weruma Dam
Next stop was at Weruma Dam, just south of Monto. We had been told we should be able to net some Red Claw here. We parked alongside the lake even though the ground was sloping to the lake quite considerably just about everywhere. Many people dug holes for the wheels to fit in and bring it closer to level. We took advantage of a hole left by previous campers. It didn’t level it completely but we were happy enough with it.

Sunset at Weruma Dam
We enjoyed watching the bird life. Feeding, Happy Jacks, Kookaburras and Australian Mynahs were common place as was watching the ducks foraging in the muddy banks of the lake. On our last morning we noticed about 8 or so tiny little ducklings that we think had only hatched in the day or two before. We had no luck with the Red Claw nor had anyone else we spoke to – some blamed the temperature of the water.

Hand feeding Australian Myna birds

Once again we made new friends, 2 sets of friends from the nearby Gin Gin area Toby & Pat, and Dave & Di. Once again we were invited to come past and stay with them after our stay in Bundaberg. Other friends were easily made too, though of a transient nature, even one couple from our home town, Graham & Nicole. This is one of the reasons we absolutely love free camping. Even in a friendly caravan park, you would not find such easy friendships and get together for happy hour or whatever excuse for a chat.

Feeding a Magpie on the fly
The next 2 stops were over-nighters being only granted 20 or 24 hours stay at each place. One being a small site at Claude Wharton Weir which is literally on a weir and adjacent to the boat ramp and the other is Ban Ban Springs which is at the head of the aforementioned head of the springs. I didn’t get to see much of the area at either sites. I was tied up with booking return flights to home but for some reason I had a lot of trouble with the booking site and became stressed out and tied to the caravan trying to sort it all out and at Ban Ban a sudden electrical storm had us trapped inside the van for the afternoon after a pleasant lazy morning in the warm sun watching the ducks in the creek that is fed by the spring. We should have gone for the walk in the morning. Oh well such is life sometimes.

Dinner one night was Tucson Meatballs


  1. Ah yes, I've got myself a little blog site and now I can comment on your posts easily. I'm just fiddling around with it for now to see how it all works.Have you thought of investing in a set of caravan levellers for those times when you are not on level ground? It is a real nuisance to find the perfect spot expect for the sloping ground!

    1. I am no expert, but if I can help with your blog, just ask! Let me know your blog address when you are ready.

  2. If you're ever in Newcastle, NSW and are looking for a free camp there is a nice one overlooking Newcastle harbour. Some more info here:
    Safe travels, Sharon

    1. We will most likely be going home via Newcastle, so I have tucked this info away for future reference, Thanks.

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    1. we certainly love free camping for the fellowship we encounter nearly every time. That we save a bit on site fees is just a bonus but not the main issue for us!

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