St Lawrence

St  Lawrence  (Camps 6: 89) is situated in a recreational reserve alongside a Pony Club. (Camps 6: 89) Though the grounds were very dry and dusty, the facilities are very clean. It is a free campsite. There are also coin operated hot water showers at just $1 for 3 minutes.

General Store at St Lawrence

We were within a short walking distance of the town, to which we took a leisurely stroll having a hamburger and chips at the general store there and a big long yarn with the proprietor’s partner and a few of the other campers that call in too. There are some interesting painted poles. There’s very quaint railway station, a part time library that was closed at the time of our walk and not much else there. Still it was a pleasant couple of hours we filled in.

Painted poles at St LawrencePainted poles at St Lawrence

There was to be a Team Penning held at the grounds that weekend. I bet most of you are like me and have no idea what it is. It has to do with using a horse to separate single cows and be able manipulate them into a pen. Riders are judged on their skill and control. They need to anticipate animal reactions and interfere with their natural inclination to herd.

Team Pennings at St Lawrence
Team Pennings at St Lawrence
"You have to know how to read the cow, to get it to do what you want it to do," is a quote from one of the cowgirls I met. "Team cattle penning is the fastest growing horse sport."

Team Pennings at St Lawrence
Anticipating the cow's next movement
So instead of leaving in the morning as first planned, we just had to stop and watch the first few hours for a while before moving on after lunch.

St Lawrence is one fre campsite, I would very willingly come back to again and again.

We have a date with my sister in Bundaberg next weekend, but first there a few more campsites to visit on the way.

Hope you all have a chance to sloooow down and relax!


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