Ayr and Funny Dunny

Heading back to the coast we stopped by Ayr. It is a lovely town and much bigger than either of us thought. Large supermarkets such as Woolworths, large branded businesses such as Bunnings, Target, Macdonalds, and many other such shops are there.

We stopped for some groceries and parked right outside the Anglican Church which ended up being where we had a lunch on a bench seat under the shade of some huge trees in their yard. Had we gone a little way south on the main road out, we would have come across 2 other lovely parks which would have been terrific for a picnic lunch.

We had an overnight stop at Funny Dunny, (Camps 6: 49) which we chose purely because the name appealed to our sense of humour and that it was on a beach. The campsite is some 15km along a well graded dirt/gravel road that goes over a lot of flat flood prone land. The site is extremely basic, though it does have a well maintained drop toilet and it was clean and well stocked with toilet paper.

Though it appears to be a popular destination especially for those few have set up camp for months on end, it was relatively quiet and the night we were there with only about 4 long term campers and another 3 overnighters like ourselves. The beach is nothing much and the sand flies (or midges) are very proliferate here. Both Rob & I were bitten numerous times. We learnt just before we left that there are dingos roaming around the bush, we didn't see or hear them but that is not unusual with dingos. We did meet fellow travellers who like us were lured here on the name. John & Jackie from Coffs Harbour we easy to talk to and we had a wonderful time chatting with them and later playing Five Hundred after dinner with them.

The cost of the place is by donation and $5 was recommended per family to cover water and toilet maintenance.

I don’t recommend stopping here at Funny Dunny but we have since met others that love it. Take a chance and find out for yourselves is probably the best way to go!


  1. I left this place with infected midge bites (hundreds of them) and a car full of midges escaping with us. It was truly awful. Go elsewhere

    1. The bites were bad enough. Thankfully our bites didn't become infected. Needless to say, we'll never go there again. Even without the midges, I don't there was anything there to warrant a second visit! Where are you now? We are currently home awaiting repairs to our gear box before heading south and then west to Adelaide!


Thank you so much for popping by, I appreciate your comments!