Smile and the world smiles with you

Smile, and the world smiles with you

My hubby, is a considerate driver as are many caravaners, will frequently move to the side of the road to let faster vehicles pass. So this joke will resonate with many of us.

A family was returning home from a week away in their caravan, when the dad noticed the car behind him.
As soon as it was appropriate he moved over to the side to let him pass, but the car behind doesn’t make the most of the opportunity.
The dad soon complains. “Every time I move over to let him pass, he slows down. Yet when I get back on the road, he speeds up and sticks on my tail.”

This goes on for some time.

Then eventually the car behind turns on his police siren and lights, indicating for us to pull over.

Dad pulls over and stops.

The police officer comes up and says “ I would like you to take a breath test, sir. I have been observing you swerving all over the road for the last half an hour.”

Safe travelling & have a great weekend

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