Relaxing Days at Smokey Bay & Ceduna

The wharf at Smokey Bay

Before arriving at Ceduna we stopped at Smokey Bay which is beautiful though with a mightly cold breeze straight off the Antarctica I think!. The Oysters here are cheap and fresh each day. Bob tried them raw and didn’t take to them at all. He did buy a dozen & cook them up with Worcestershire sauce and bacon which I thought were lovely but once again bob is not keen. I guess oysters are not going to be a regular inclusion to our diet!

The sunset at the Ceduna Wharf

Arriving in Ceduna the next day, the major caravan parks were full and we ended up at the A1 Cabins & park which is a very low cost park $18 pn. It is not the best looking park but it is quiet and we later learnt that the manager is a person with a great heart who assists the Anglican minister with emergency accommodation etc. We ended up staying here for 4 nights. Many of the residents are permanent but are courteous and keep to themselves.
We made sure to arrive here in Ceduna for a Sunday Service. We had greetings from Harry & Pam to pass on to long term members. This is the first church Harry & Pam served in and they have many fond memories of their time here. Bob & I too, enjoyed our fellowship here. There was a children’s section within the service and of course the fellowship over tea & coffee after the church. Most people said hello & welcomed us. We made arrangement to meet up with the minister, Brian the next day. We had a quiet lazy afternoon and went to the wharf to get some lovely sunset photos to cap off the day just nicely. We had the most amazing fresh fish and calamari at Bill’s Fish & Chip joint just across the road almost from Foodland. I heartily recommend this. It is the best calamari I have ever had.

Same wharf, same sunset - just a different angle

After Bob getting a mechanic to assess the  worrying ‘noise’ the engine / clutch  had started making on the Nullarbor and changing the oil and a few bits & pieces, we set off to meet the minister, first picking up a cake for morning tea. They decided to drive out to Penong in the afternoon so Bob could advise Brian on repairs to some white ant damage to the church building there. Brian took the opportunity to introduce Bob to many locals along the way. Since Monday is Brian’s regular day off and he had been looking forward to working in the garden, I offered to stay behind and weed & prune it for him, so that he doesn’t get further behind. Who knows when he might get the time again? A minister’s time off is rarely ever cut & dry. We also invited Brian and Heather to a baked dinner at the Robbiebago on the following night. All in all it was lovely to take a few days in one place again and feel like we were contributing to society again, even in a very small way.

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