The gi-normous Super Pit

This is 40 times zoom on the middle of the photo above

Just a little 220 ton truck like what they use down in the Super Pit

Finally we move onto Kalgoorlie which is a town that has legendary proportions for me from my school days and stories of the gold rush and streets lines with gold.
We made the long drive and arrived early enough to take in the views over the Super Pit. It is so enormous, apparently it can be seen from the moon. We wanted to go to the Miner’s hall of Fame but the tour was another hour or so away so we took off to get some lunch first and then came back for a later tour. It was well worth the tour.
Poring a gold bar

We went underground and even get to have a go hammering into the hard rock as it would have been done by hand in the early days...too much hard work for me no matter how much gold I’d get! We also saw a gold melting/pour demonstration and we took a electric car drive around the place, which is well worth the $5 for all the info the guide gives you. You can walk it all but you just don’t get the history or explanation of the various equipment that an experienced miner can give you. It was so good we came back for a second look the next day and some of the exhibits which we missed the day before.

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