Esperence and Cape Le Grande National Park

We stayed in Esperance for 3 nights, the weather became overcast with light spitting type of rain mostly. Yet it was still warm, in fact it is warmer here than in Albany & Pemberton. Esperance is surrounded by beautiful bays of super fine white beaches, none we found were really surfing beaches but lovely quiet coves that are perfect for picnics. I had a real hankering for a pizza and the one & only pizza joint was closed. Then we tried a kebab shop, it didn’t have chicken. Then we tried a couple of restaurants, but they were $55pp & we weren’t really dressed for that, being in shorts and thongs and anyway we didn’t want a fancy meal. Then we tried a noodle house but no seating, only take away. There is a Subway but we tried to avoid that this time. We eventually found a Chinese. Boy it was hard work to buy dinner that night!

One of the beaches at Cape Le Grande NP

Another one of the beaches at Cape Le Grande NP. You can't believe just how fine the white sand is.
Frenchman's Peak at Cape Le Grande NP

During the day we went into Cape Le Grande National Park and thoroughly enjoyed more beaches and coves in the area.

Rob still thinks I am worth photographing from time to time!

We saw a few prostrate, almost white flowering banksias which I haven’t seen before.

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  1. I am glad you liked the scenic beaches.i looked up Trip advisor and even though most comments were good ,there was comment that rated it terrible ,a dump like the rest of Australia.This person was from Wagga Wagga.I think that some people don't appreciate what they have and see things greener over the other side of the fence.Thak you for your beautiful comments.


Thank you so much for popping by, I appreciate your comments!