Bremmer Bay, Ravensthorpe, Hyden & Wave Rock.

We moved on to Bremer Bay & stayed at Beaches Caravan Park which is a terrific little shady haven though not within coo-ee of a beach with the nearest one being 1.6km walk away but 8-10km drive. It is a very undeveloped and unspoilt town with nice beaches.

Next we stayed at Ravensthorpe, mainly so we could leave the van and drive up to Hyden and Wave Rock. Wave Rock is smaller than expected and spoilt by a long concrete barrier on top of the rock. One could only get a photo of the rock without the concrete barrier showing if you stood under the wave itself. It even put us off climbing to the top.

I virtually had to stand under the wave to get a photo without the ugly concrete barrier on top

It is pretty obvious why they have named it Hippo's Yawn!

Nearby is a rock formation called Hippo’s Yawn, (right) and yes it does look like a hippo with his big mouth open (no teeth lol). The flies were pretty bad here. We stopped in Hyden itself and we loved that. There is a park with a metal sculpture of recycled materials depicting old days. Just on of them is a truck with a old water tank place sideways on the back as the ‘bus body’ with ‘windows’ cut out and then a profile of kids and people sitting on the bus, etc

We took a dirt road back for most of the return country trip via Newdegate and it was worth it. It was much more pleasant scenery and the dirt road surface was not bad.

That is not snow: Lake Varley is a dried salt lake (wonky photograher!)

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  1. LOVE the Hippo's Yawn! I wonder who came up with that name! I think it's great!!!


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