Haslam, Streaky Bay & Pildappa Rock

One of the beautifully cute baby Hairy Nosed Wombats that I managed to nurse back in Ceduna

From Haslam we went and had a long leisurely pie lunch in a bakery in Streaky Bay where we also met up with some of the campers from Haslam. After a couple of hours in Streaky Bay we went on north to Pildappa Rock which is a smaller Wave rock which in my opinion nicer if smaller than The Wave Rock in WA if for no other reason than it is unspoilt!

We were able to park with the rock as a backdrop. There are free gas BBQ’s here and picnic tables & seats here too. It was such a nice quiet place to stop and rest for a couple of days, plus we weren’t in a hurry to hit the rough corrugated dirt road coming in here too soon, even though it was only about 15km – it seemed much longer when you are going so slow so as not to shake the guts of the van around anymore than you have to! We enjoyed the climb and the fabulous views from the top of the rock.

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