Serving others

As we are serving others via the various churches from time to time, I am aware that they are serving us too. Not only in fellowship and opening their homes to us, some of these wonderful people are offering to serve us in other ways too. It can be hard to let others serve you but I remember a line in a old prayer/song by St Francis of Assisi, “Brother let me be your servant...pray that I might have the grace to let them be my servant too!” So thank you Sari for doing all our washing & ironing. To Mary, Sue, Alison, Carmen & Quentin, Colin & June and to Gill for your wonderful hospitality and to others that have offered and shared something of themselves and to those that are yet to come. We all serve a wonderful God in different ways with the gifts & personalities that God has bestowed on us. It truly is a case that we get more out of it than we put in. We are so loving this BCA Nomad life, no wonder Richard and Julie have been doing it for 3 years and still going. It makes our planned 6 months look tame. Bring it on.

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  1. Hi Michelle

    I am enjoying the story of your trip; thanks for posting. Prayers for safe travel and companionable fellowship seem to be answered in abundance! Praise God! Helen Lewis.


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