Jolly Hard Graft

Arrr.....urgh.... ooohhh... I am sooooo sore. Lifting lino is jolly hard work. Today there was a working bee arranged to remove the lino at the manse in Roxby Downs. I said to Richard and Julie (fellow volunteer BCA Nomads) “If this is what to expect from being a Nomad then I quit!” They quickly assured me that it is rarely as hard as this. As Bob had a bad night’s sleep due to his cold and having very noisy neighbours didn’t help, we decided to attend the working bee around mid morning. Unfortunately only three locals turned up for the working bee plus the four of us nomads. The lino which has been down for at least 10 years was laminated and glued to concrete. It took the 7 of us 8-10 hours hard graft to get it all up. Still it was great comradeship. Though it was school holidays and also some would have working, I was surprised that there were not more locals at the working bee. It would have been great to work alongside others and get to know them too. I don’t think the locals appreciate the benefit that working together in such working bees does to help build the community within the church. It appears that many people would much rather hire a contractor to do whatever job needs doing - not that they would think to necessarily increase their financial commitments to cover such expenses. Oh well, though we are sore and tired, we are satisfied and happy with a job finished and have cemented relationships with each other. Now we look forward to not just a day off tomorrow being Sunday, but we Nomads have made an executive decision to have the day off on Monday too! And boy, do I need it! Oooohhhh. Where is my masseuse?

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