The underground church at Coober Pedy

I have been really looking forward to visiting Coober Pedy and I am not disappointed.

It is like being in an alien land with various sized ant hills all over the place. It is very hot, dry and dusty.

We stayed in the grounds of the famous Catacomb Church which is fascinating and well worth visiting. We were doing some volunteer work for the church as we worked in the mornings as it is much too hot to work the afternoons. 

After a leisurely lunch, we tend to indulge in a bit of sightseeing such as the Breakaways - a luna /alien landscape that have featured in many movies including Mad Max.

Faye’s underground house (dug out entirely by ladies by hand! And complete with an indoor swimming pool and games room) and the Old Timer’s mine.

Quiet times are spent chatting, playing games or in my case making some explosion boxes for craft.

On Anzac Day, Rob &Julie stayed in their respective beds while Richard & I went to the Dawn Service which started with coffee or tea with a shot of Whiskey was available for all comers along with wonderful homemade Anzac Biscuits. After the short but emotionally charged 20 minute service we were all invited to stay for breakfast of bacon & eggs, and they did a fantastic job of it too! Way to Go Coober Pedy RSL. We stayed and had breakfast with 4 others that we had met previously.

Then back to get ready for church at the Catacomb Church. They sing songs for 15-20 minutes then they break for coffee and fellowship for about 15 minutes then back into the church for the bible readings, prayers & sermon plus another song in conclusion. I also go me some more lovely sunset photos and a sunrise photo too whilst here. I love the colours that occur at these times of the day.

Though it was an interesting experience, it is not my sort of town.

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