Hamming it up

In Kings Canyon Resort, we set up camp; quickly befriended our neighbours, in particular, Wayne & Diane, whom we had met at other caravan parks a few times, even as far back as Coober Pedy where they pulled in at auto electrician behind us. The four of us went to the local Roadies Show after dinner. These are a couple of musios who sing out some rock n roll & country songs, getting audience participation for bits and pieces. For example, Bob was called up to don a koala ears on, along with others. And then they had to sing and act their parts to the song “there’s a home among the gums trees, with lots of plum trees...” Later Diane & I were called up along with about 4 other ladies, we had to put on these ‘orrible colourful costume wigs and hold those cheap plastic kids microphones that echo when you talk or sing into them. Our song that we had to perform was the old 60’s song “Singing diddy diddy do run run”. Well Diane & I chose to act up real show-offish and had ourselves a ball. Later the 4 of us were called up again to waltz as lovers as they couldn’t find enough honeymooners to do the bridal waltz. It was a great fun night and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. (especially as we could really let our hair down as no one we knew were there to see us make a fool of ourselves!)


  1. Dad and his Koala ears and mum in that crazy wig! Sounds totally crazy fun! I'm glad you are enjoying your trip!
    Miss you. xoxo

  2. Hi Rob & Michelle

    It's been lovely to catch up on all your adventures this afternoon. You are obviously enjoying your time away and visiting some beautiful places aswell as working hard along the way too. Praise God the knee was not DVT and pray that it is much better now.
    Look forward to hearing more.love Sharon Hodsdenxxx


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